Fearless living - Jean Philippe Demeyer

Photography for the first book of interior designer Jean Philippe Demeyer.

This is a book about emotion, creativity,
and the unpredictability of discovery. This book is a delight.
To devour. To enjoy.
Enough said.

Jp Demeyer

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Critique Oblique - sculptural illumination

Photography for the critique oblique lamp series by atelier Serruys

The idea for mechanically mounted steel lamps sprang from the experience gained in the newly installedatelier in the port of Ostend.The rough and honest inviroment of the Baelskaai made me think about material, shapes and purposes”

Thomas Serruys,

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This book is a collaboration of 5 Belgian photographers printed for the occasion of the Highve’ exhibition 2018.
Photographers are Thomas Sweertvaegher, Hans Borg, Daniil Lavrovski, Alexander D’Hiet and Bram Voeten,
each showcasing their own style of work.

100 copies available with each copy numbered an signed.

Graphic design by Miyasaki graphic design.

Pages: 72
Price: 15